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What we are about

Thank you for visiting! It is my pleasure to introduce myself as Kevin Fulsher, an original KeptClean provider. My intuition led me to establish a business with a hands-on approach to performance and customer service. We encourage and motivate our team members to provide problem-free, reliable service as part of our janitorial and window cleaning operations.

In 2016, KeptClean Services merged with Wally Gee's window cleaning service. Wesley Guenterberg, my business partner and friend, embodies the values, enthusiasm, and vision that guide our partnership. Our innovative work ethic has enabled KeptClean Services to achieve success.

Since our merger, we have provided a consistent cleaning team, led by myself and Wesley. Besides that, our experts are committed to getting to know your facility, providing you with the best results possible, and providing direct access to others who may be able to help you as well.

We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy providing them to you.

Kevin Fulsher and Wesley Guenterberg

As an owner-operated cleaning company, KeptClean Services offers the following advantages:

  • Peace of mind means that you will never have to worry about inconsistent cleaning or unreliable service.
  • Access to an owner/operator who can answer any questions or concerns promptly.
  • Owner-led - Our highly skilled and dedicated staff takes the time to get to know your facility in-depth so that they can deliver consistent results.
  • Flexibility - KeptClean services can customize recurring schedules to fit your needs.
  • By avoiding unnecessary overheads, we can help our customers manage costs more effectively.
  • We develop mutually beneficial relationships over time as an owner-operated business.
  • Our Business Is In Our Control - As an owner-operated company, we are in complete control and can make the right decision at the right time. As a result, it is essential to ensure the consistency and accuracy of everything.