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Choosing a local company with experience and proven results is an important advantage.

Making the First Move

I started KeptClean Services in 2009 to make some extra money. I continued to work a full-time job as a chef and clean residential homes on my days off. My clients appreciate my responsiveness to their cleaning needs. I strive to be the best every day. As the business grew, I added janitorial services. As a result, I resigned from my full-time position. Now I own my own business.

Let's work together to make it happen

Our clients include business owners, property managers, and controllers. Our company merged with Wally Gees Window Cleaning in 2016. We're successful because we've got a solid work ethic and a culture of trust. Count on Wesley and me to run the cleaning crew. We work together to provide consistent results.

Let our team help you

Our ability to meet your expectations will make you happy. That's what we strive for. Thanks for thinking of us. We know you have lots of choices. We'll keep your place looking good.

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