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Janitorial Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Services, KeptClean Services, Hartford,WI

Create, Carry Out, Kept Clean

KeptClean Services janitorial team offers a personalized experience of quality and value for your facility cleaning needs. Our janitorial service team creates a cleaning plan relevant to your facility's cleaning needs. Carry out the program on your preferred schedule, and make sure it is kept clean. Better yet, you get a professional team that gets to know your facility in detail, thereby delivering consistent results.

Apartment & Condo Building Cleaning

Our building complex cleaning service offers a personalized cleaning plan designed to regularly maintain the lobby, hallway, community room, bathroom, and supplied amenities. Whether you need weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services, KeptClean services can support those requests. We come into your complex on a specific day and maintain sanitation throughout either by vacuuming, cobweb removal, dusting, sweeping, mopping, restocking, and trash removal. Whether you're attracting tenants or keeping your current ones appreciated, KeptClean Services LLC ensures that your building and accommodations are kept clean. 

Office Cleaning

Many offices require regular upkeep of the lobby, conference room, enclosed offices, cubicles, locker rooms, and lunchrooms. Whether you need daily, weekly, or bi-weekly cleaning services, KeptClean services can accommodate those requests. Before or after your workday, we come into your facility and maintain sanitation by removing trash, dust, vacuum, and mop. We also supply full-service restroom cleaning that includes sanitizing sinks and toilets.

Maintaining a Clean Facility Starts Now!


KeptClean Services' all-inclusive service assists our customers to get all the cleaning assistance they demand. Strip and waxing of tile, carpet and upholstery maintenance, and window cleaning. Choose the dedicated team of KeptClean Services, and discover the joy of working with a service that assists in the care of all your facility's cleaning needs.

* Empty waste receptacles

Vacuum hardwood floors

* Disinfect Surfaces

* Mop hardwood floors

* Tidy reception area

* Stock toilet supplies

* Clean and polish bathroom sinks

* Mop restroom and kitchen floors

We Take Safety Seriously

Proper Hand Protection

Mask Wearing

Maintain  Distances

Proper Hand Sanitizing

What We Offer

Trash Removal

Glass Cleaning


Bathroom Sanitizing

Sweeping and Mopping


We will provide you with the pleasure of walking into a freshly cleaned and healthy facility and doing it in a way that is safe for you, your employees, and the environment.

Call Today!

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